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Standalone Message

May 27, 2018 | Kaleb Polk

Duct Tape Christianity | South Jordan

Smart people can believe ​DUMB​ things.

We all do what we do because of a ​BELIEF​.

BEST​ Wisdom + ​BAD​ Information = ​FOOLISH​ Decisions

Lies About Faith:

➢ The weaker the evidence is, the stronger your faith is. ➢ Faith is pretending to know what you don’t know.

Truth: ​ Faith is not in competition with reason. It's the consequence of reason—trusting in what is true.

Lies About Faith:

➢ If you believe you will receive.

➢ Faith is a force that can fix anything.

Truth:​ Faith is a ​TRANSFER​ of trust.

Hebrews 11:1​ ​Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


Faith is trusting that God has your ​BEST​ interest in mind even if that doesn’t include ​BETTER circumstances.

Hebrews 11:37-40​ ​They were put to death by stoning; they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated—[38] the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.[39] These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised,[40] since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

Hebrews 11:10​ ​For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

Faith doesn’t ​REMOVE​ all doubt. Faith keeps you ​MOVING​ in the right direction.

Acts 12:5-16​ ​So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.[6] The night before Herod was to bring him to trial, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains, and sentries stood guard at the entrance.[7] Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up. “Quick, get up!” he said, and the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.[8] Then the angel said to him, “Put on your clothes and sandals.” And Peter did so. “Wrap your cloak around you and follow me,” the angel told him.[9] Peter followed him out of the prison, but he had no idea that what the angel was doing was really happening; he thought he was seeing a vision.[10] They passed the first and second guards and came to the iron gate leading to the city. It opened for them by itself, and they went through it. When they had walked the length of one street, suddenly the angel left him.[11] Then Peter came to himself and said, “Now I know without a doubt that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from Herod’s clutches and from everything the Jewish people were hoping would happen.”[12] When this had dawned on him, he went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people had gathered and were praying.[13] Peter knocked at the outer entrance, and a servant named Rhoda came to answer the door.[14] When she recognized Peter’s voice, she was so overjoyed she ran back without opening it and exclaimed, “Peter is at the door!”[15] “You’re out of your mind,” they told her. When she kept insisting that it was so, they said, “It must be his angel.”[16] But Peter kept on knocking, and when they opened the door and saw him, they were astonished.

Faith may not lead us down an ​EASIER​ path, but always a ​BETTER​ one.

Acts 14:11-20​ When the crowd saw what Paul had done, they shouted in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have come down to us in human form!”[12] Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes because he was the chief speaker.[13] The priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought bulls and wreaths to the city gates because he and the crowd wanted to offer sacrifices to them.[14] But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of this, they tore their clothes and rushed out into the crowd, shouting:[15] “Friends, why are you doing this? We too are only human, like you. We are bringing you good news, telling you to turn from these worthless things to the living God, who made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them.[16] In the past, he let all nations go their own way.[17] Yet he has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.”[18] Even with these words, they had difficulty keeping the crowd from sacrificing to them.[19] Then some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over. They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead.[20] But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city. The next day he and Barnabas left for Derbe.

Faith is not a skill we master. It’s not an impenetrable shield that protects us from life’s hardships and trials. It’s not a magic potion that removes every mess. It’s a map we follow. ​– Larry Osborne

When all is said and done, what matters most is whether or not we trusted God’s directions enough to ​FOLLOW​ them.

Luke 22:42 ​Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; ​yet not my will, but yours be done​.

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